Un’opinione autorevole

L’Associazione delle Fiere Tedesche AUMA illustra in questo testo (in inglese) le ragioni per visitare una fiera – magari prima di andare ad esporvi:

There are several reasons why should you visit a trade fair:

  • They are useful for obtaining information on the hottest new items. Fairs enable you to attend live demonstrations and view new product and/or service presentations.
  • They allow you to preselect the sellers that interest you the most and to arrange face-to-face purchasing encounters with them.
  • Trade fairs are ideal for making direct check-ups on product characteristics, prior to purchase.
  • They enable you to compare prices and terms of sale across the range of specialised offerings.
  • They give you the opportunity to solve problems and discuss your needs with qualified technical personnel.
  • They are an ideal forum for maximising exposure to market trends.
  • They allow you to contact current and potential suppliers and to draw up comparisons.
  • They provide an opportunity of attending congresses, seminars and parallel events ­ unquestionable sources of information on industry evolution and trends.
  • They are one of a company¹s key tools for projecting a given purchasing-power image.
  • They enable you to change the way sellers perceive your company.
  • They allow you to assess your possibilities of participating in the future as an exhibitor.

¿Did you know that …?

  • Trade fairs are ranked second in terms of their impact on the sales process, surpassed only by direct sales.
  • The average cost per visitor is 45% less at a trade fair than in a direct sale operation.
  • In 91% of the cases, participation at trade fairs is a key factor in the purchasing decision process and ranks first in relation to other sources of information (publications, associations, directories, salespersons, etc.).
  • For 85% of companies, participation at fairs represents significant cost savings thanks to the concentration of product and/or service purchasers and suppliers at a single venue.
  • According to these analyses, 80% of companies believe that trade fairs provide the only opportunity for discussing problems and current trends with other industry players.
  • Around 52% of the prospective customers contacted at fairs do not require subsequent visits in order to wrap up a sale. On the contrary, first contacts on prospects¹ premises require an average of 4.3 visits before operations may be closed.
  • 71% of visitors share the information obtained at fairs with 1 to 6 other persons upon returning to their companies.
  • 83% of leading businesspersons express their confidence in trade fairs as tools for keeping in tune with industry trends.
  • In general terms, around 50% of visitors are first-timers at any given trade fair. Considering that new players enter every business scenario on a daily basis, fairs are ideal places for establishing contact with them.
  • Close to 80% of fair visitors wield purchasing-decision power in their companies or bear influence on such decisions in relation to the products and services on show.